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Using the arts to spark constructive conversation around hard-hitting social, political and religious issues, Zimam’s Transform campaign emphasises community empowerment in the face of radicalisation and close-minded narratives. Our national campaign will foster freedom of expression, acceptance and respect for difference, and embrace diversity as a positive trait, bringing with it less violence, more forward-thinking and a more engaged society.

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To do this, Zimam is starting a new conversation. Transform will be fuelled by the voices on the ground. Each year, we will use a different controversial symbol to demonstrate that difference is not a bad thing. We will show how diversity is a sign of a healthy, free, non-violent society. We will raise awareness to engage, educate and empower society.

For 2019, our symbol will be piano.

Putting music back into daily life in Palestine, and beginning a national conversation through an awareness campaign founded on the idea that we can accommodate difference without fragmenting, and a different future becomes possible.


We are bringing Palestinians together with one clear message: Respect the difference, share the dream.