Our Local Engagement


Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall meetings energize communities and break taboos. THMs give the public a chance to own the discussions, whether it is about elections and accountability or freedoms and the importance of a more open and pluralistic society. We invite politicians, opinion leaders, faith leaders and other influencers to sit on our panels and be in conversation with the people. THMs are crucial to solidify the change our youth work hard to bring about year-round.


Siaseh Cafés

Siaseh (Arabic for politics) cafés allow people to come together to stay up-to-date on the issues that are most current in Palestine. Locally in communities and on campuses, our activists lead these cafés, choosing hot news stories or anticipated political events for analysis and discussion. An-Najah University in Nablus and Birzeit University in Ramallah have already had Siaseh cafés, and this year we will extend our scope to include Palestine University in Gaza, Istiklal University in Jericho, as well as 5 other local communities.



Debatable workshops

The first step towards change is recognizing the existing issues which stand in its way. Debatable is a tool which allows Zimam’s activists to start conversations around controversial issues such as freedom of expression, gender equality, accountability and the promise of a better leadership, focusing on respecting differences of opinion rather than allowing them to further entrench divisions. This program will run on 4 campuses, and in communities across the West Bank and Gaza.


On-campus initiatives

On-campus initiatives give students the opportunity to speak up, raise issues and set priorities on behalf of their student bodies. They also serve to unite the students towards change, addressing student councils and university administrations directly. Initiatives will focus on issues ranging from education, to services, to the need for an equal, pluralistic and respectful environment on campuses.