The month our activist and Leadership Incubator participant Ghali launched his own initiative There is Good in Us, a food redistribution model addressing inequality through innovative and creative solutions and the power of teamwork.


Ghali explains the idea behind his initiative, ‘There is Good in Us’.


Despite Ramadan typically being a time of quiet inner reflection, our activists continue to always think of others. While mothers around him spent long afternoons cooking and restaurants prepared lavish Iftar spreads, Ghali from Nablus couldn't help but see an opportunity to give back.

Rather than letting good food go to waste, he decided to get creative. Banding together with friends, Ghali founded 'There is Good in Us', an initiative dedicated to making sure that those in need are connected with good food going spare. Throughout the month of Ramadan, Ghali approached local restaurants, where he talked with them about how much food goes to waste this time of year. Thinking outside the box, Ghali convinced them to let him take food that was left over, and with his team of thirty friends, they set about working hard to package up the food to distribute it to families in need the following day.


As Eid approached, and the smell of dates and figs wafted through his kitchen, Ghali turned his attention to ma'amoul, a delicious date and nut-filled cookie enjoyed traditionally to celebrate Eid. Advertising his initiative in order to spread the word, Ghali asked that those baking ma'amoul, typically made in large batches to feed all the family and share with guests and visitors, might put aside small quantities for those families who simply didn't have the time or means to take part in this simple tradition. Co-ordinating collection and re-distribution of the cookies to those in need amongst his team of other dedicated youth, Ghali's thoughtfulness, innovative thinking and dedication to social change embodied both the spirit of Ramadan and the spirit of Zimam.

We can't wait to see what these bright young leaders come up with next.

Zimam is not just a youth group, it has also changed me and helped me to become a more ambitious person. A person who has a goal in life to build change and help in developing my society.
— Ghali, Nablus
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