Zimam’s West Bank activists in the Leadership Incubator received a public speaking masterclass this month from Dr. Mohammad Darawshe, a well-known figure from the Arab-Israeli community who is based in Nazareth.

Through the Leadership Incubator, Zimam is creating the Palestinian leaders of tomorrow who will go on to stand for election in their universities, their municipalities and one day their country. Public speaking is clearly an essential skill for the young leaders to learn in order to achieve success with their campaigns and be able to mobilize people behind ideas.

The meeting with Dr. Darawshe also provided an opportunity for the volunteers to ask him about the developing role of Palestinian citizens of Israel in Israeli politics following the success of the Arab Joint List in the recent election.

Dr. Darawshe is a true expert in public speaking, with plenty of experience gained from his work over the past decades. His workshop will help the activists when speaking to their communities in the future, and empower them to be excellent representatives of Zimam.

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