This month, we saw a very important training come together in a way that exceeded all expectations.

In Ramallah, 25 young leaders from across Palestine joined us, along  with their creative spirit, dedication and hunger to learn, for a two-day workshop on communications and strategic campaigning, led by Fiona Cumberland, our board member and Director at Kreab.

Day one began with the participants getting into groups to create new political parties up and down the political spectrum. Working together, they constructed manifestos and agreed on their policy priorities. Understanding not only the issues that are critical to a campaign but also the key channels and influencers needed to get your message out, they then worked to put themselves in the shoes of different stakeholders; opposition candidates, journalists, social media influencers and voters, painting a holistic picture of the campaigning ecosystem.

Over the two days, these invested young leaders worked hard, dreamt big, built coalitions, won and lost mock elections, powered through PR crises and presented targeted communications strategies to their peers, following Fiona's direction on the need to focus on issues, channels, influencers and audiences. By the end of the two days, the participants stayed on to discuss what it will take to build a new, progressive future in Palestine, and how to incorporate everything that they learnt into future electoral campaigns.

The energy in the room was palpable, and being directed towards a better future for all. We saw youngsters who are hungry for change, for learning and for a hand to help them transform themselves and their societies. And they're looking to Zimam for exactly this.


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