20 Zimam volunteers spent four days welcoming 4,000 new students arriving at An-Najah National University. This followed an agreement with the student council and the university administration, which allowed Zimam to be the only NGO present within the university walls and able to interact with new students.

Our volunteers distributed several thousand cups of cold water wrapped in the logo of Zimam as well as the logo of the university, and nearly a thousand brochures about the movement. We introduced the students and their parents to the work of Zimam, its ideas and objectives, and encouraged them to join the movement.

Our registration table featured a large sign bearing the name of the movement and the slogan ‘Hope for Tomorrow’, next to the logo of the university and the student council. Our prominent banners attracted lots of attention, inviting visitors to come and speak to the volunteers.


Around 2,000 people visited the corner and expressed their admiration for our work. The press (Al-Madina TV) visited our corner and interviewed our volunteer Ali Musleh, who presented beautifully the work and mission of Zimam and the importance of this activity in changing society. We were also visited by many lecturers and university staff, who complimented our relentless efforts to improve the educational and social environment of the local population.

Our volunteers showed a high level of responsibility in their intensive attendance, organised work, and distribution of roles and tasks. They did not need any guidance from our programme officer Alaa and field coordinator Rameh, which emphasised the effectiveness of the training they received and the success of Zimam’s policies and programs in developing the personalities and skills of the students and volunteers.

This event was part of Zimam’s efforts to increase its grassroots presence and youth base in the university and the local community, through which it is becoming a popular grassroots organisation that is highly respected by individuals, groups and official and civil institutions across Palestine. We hope to replicate this event at other universities, including Birzeit.

Voices of Zimam