In Gaza, Zimam held an introductory meeting for a group of 22 new volunteers - all of whom had expressed interest in joining the movement by contacting us via Instagram. The meeting was attended by two members of the Leadership Incubator: Majda Hamouda (also a member of our Youth Advisory Council) and Hassan al-Masri.

Majda spoke about why she joined Zimam while giving the new volunteers a general picture of Zimam and some recent activities. Hassan spoke about the extent to which the volunteers had benefited from the Leadership Incubator program. The new volunteers had many questions for Majda and Hassan, including about the commitment of the training and whether they had any tips for the new recruits.

All of the new volunteers were eager to get started and to be able to take advantage of the programs while learning key teamwork and effective communication skills.

It was a unique meeting, due to the audience, the discussion and the mentality of the attendees who demonstrated such great motivation to join Zimam. At the conclusion of the new volunteers' first meeting, several of them said that there is no other movement offering these kinds of programs for young Palestinians.

Voices of Zimam