A student-led initiative was held at Birzeit University in Ramallah on the 1st April.


Students at Birzeit University this month decided to take action in the face of apathy and hopelessness amongst Palestinian youth. Taking the initiative on their campus, they printed notes with inspiring messages and placed them on seats at Birzeit, to promote hope, provide support and inspire action from young students. Nearly 2,200 notes were distributed, encouraging students to strive for progress and success, no matter what obstacles they face.

“Great things never come from within comfort zones”, “your only limit is your mind”, “you are special”, some read. “Your cup will remain empty until you choose to fill it up”, “you’re strong, don’t let anything stop you”, “become the hardest working person you know”, “be light in this dark world”,  “strive for progress, not perfection” were other messages included.


"We wanted to stir curiosity, encourage positivity, and grow the Zimam community," the students said.

Ten students from Zimam led the project, and Wissam and Alaa met with the Deanship of Student Affairs to work towards building a future strategic relationship between the university and Zimam.

Voices of Zimam