Team-building, debating, and an insider look into the Palestinian economy

At the end of April in Ramallah, the Leadership Incubator brought together inspiring young men and women from across the West Bank for the programme's second workshop. The first day provided an opportunity for participants to continue to get to know one another, to discuss their ambitions with regards to the Incubator, and to share any concerns that they have. Later in the day, a discussion took place around the issues of resistance, armed resistance, corruption, the two-state solution, refugees, the right of return and the BDS movement.


The following day, participants were joined by Dr. Baker Shtaya, Professor of Economics at An-Najah National University. Shtaya ran a fascinating workshop: An Insider Look into the Palestinian Economy. The first half of the session focused on the state of the economy at present, the challenges it is currently facing, and its opportunities for growth.


The second half of the day focused on the Paris Protocol - the contractual agreement that follows the principles of the Oslo Accords and which determines the economic relations between Israel and Palestine. Participants exercised impressive critical thinking and analytical skills, grappling with the fine details and making recommendations for improvement of the agreement.

Participants agreed that disengagement from the Israeli economy and boycott of Israeli products will not affect more than 6% of the Israeli economy. They therefore concluded that the most important thing to do is to stimulate agriculture, encourage tourism to Palestine and support young people with creative and innovative ideas.

A parallel session took place in Gaza.

Voices of Zimam