A ground-breaking initiative was launched in Gaza this month. While conditions in Gaza are worsening, Zimam continues to prove to be a space for creativity and optimism.

On the beach, this initiative aimed to highlight the issues of the conflict and the loss of Palestinian land, and, with it, the loss of hope amongst young people in Gaza. Young Zimam members wanted to do something different to attract the public's attention, and to cut through the societal apathy.

25 young men and women from Gaza participated, building in the initiative on the Gaza shore. Carving 'amal bokra' - hope for tomorrow - into the sand with the help of talented sand artist Yazeed Abu Jarad, they created impact that could be seen from far and wide.

Attracting a large crowd of onlookers, the initiative provided a great opportunity to highlight not only these important issues but also the work that Zimam is doing to address them. 

Our Gaza chapter continues to impress us with their hard work, creative spirit and positive attitude.

Voices of Zimam