Following last month’s “training of trainers”, eight Zimam volunteers from the Leadership Incubator led a series of training sessions at An-Najah University for a total of almost 200 new members.

The trainings covered various topics, with each trainer choosing to deliver the topic in which they were the most proficient. These included how to design and implement initiatives, and how to manage time effectively. Check out this video on Instagram to see what it looked like.

The trainers delivered excellent sessions and strived to provide the best example of Zimam’s youth leadership. The participants were attentive throughout and clearly enjoyed their first taste of Zimam. Looking forward, the trainers will be evaluating these sessions with a view to improving them in future.

The majority of the new members who attended these trainings had been introduced to Zimam at either the shopping festival in Nablus which Zimam organised in April or the student reception initiative at An-Najah in July. Others had requested to join by reaching out on various social media platforms.

Family is what makes work sustainable, and Zimam is one big family.


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