Zimam activists from the cities of Ramallah and Nablus came together on July 14th as the Ramallah group visited for a tour of Nablus’ old city.

Alaa (our Program Officer) and Rameh (our Nablus Field Coordinator) led the Ramallah group through the city’s old neighbourhoods. They explained about the historical significance of Nablus, and allowed the group to explore the city’s religious and tourist attractions.


Some of the activists from Ramallah did not previously know much about this ancient city's past, and were therefore grateful to learn some more Palestinian history. And of course, when visiting Nablus, it is essential to try some kunafa!

After the tour, the Ramallah group came to Zimam’s Nablus office to unite with the Nablus group and hear about their experiences with Zimam.

Usually we only get a chance to meet the Ramallah group in workshops or Leadership Incubator trainings, so it was a lot of fun to meet in a less formal setting. It built great relationships between both teams.
— Qais (Nablus)
Voices of Zimam