Welcoming new students at universities across Palestine is one of the best ways for Zimam to reach the largest possible number of people and introduce them to its work, aiming to attract new volunteers. It also provides an opportunity for Zimam to establish itself on different campuses.

As such, following a similar undertaking at An-Najah University, Zimam implemented a student reception initiative at the University of Gaza this month, in the presence of the university’s leadership.


Our ten volunteers met all of the new students, and introduced them to the major programs that Zimam has run at the university in recent years. Dr. Bahaa Abdel Dayem, Director of the University Branch, spoke about the role of Zimam at the university and thanked the staff for the activities they offer to the students.

Many of the new students expressed their interest in getting involved with Zimam activities on campus, and were happy to find such an organisation at their new institution.

Voices of Zimam