In Jenin, Zimam met with residents of Barta’a who are suffering from identity conflict: they are Palestinians who are subject to Palestinian law and carry a green identity card, but at the same time they live under Israeli control and are removed from the services of the official Palestinian institutions. As one participant said: “we live with Israeli prices but PA salaries”, and another: “we no longer know our own identities”.

Zimam felt a duty to help build a youth group there that would provide voluntary services to the local residents; at the meeting they organized themselves under the name Youth Council of Barta’a to fulfil this mission. Through this outreach project, Zimam received 14 new signups.


In Bethlehem, Zimam met with nearly 50 recent high school graduates to explain the specialties that suit them going forward and to introduce them to possibilities for volunteering in their communities within and outside of university.


In Nablus, Zimam held a meeting at which students had the opportunity to voice their concerns ahead of the new academic year as well as discuss relevant social issues in Palestine - most notably the recent honor killing of Israa Gharib. 2 new signups resulted from this outreach meeting.

Voices of Zimam