At the end of June, Zimam participated in a partnership with the Municipality of Nablus and the Municipal Council, working together to clean the largest city park in the West Bank. In the presence of dozens of local institutions and partners, Zimam took the reins in a cleaning campaign that, while focusing on Gamal Abdel Nasser Park, stands for something much bigger.

The meeting began with Abdallah, our Executive Director, welcoming the participants and highlighting to all the importance of volunteering and giving back to society, enhancing this value in the hearts of our children and youth.

Abdallah also used this opportunity to turn to the importance of unity. He stressed that Zimam's door is open to working together with any local or international institution to improve quality of life for local communities, and to promote a culture that accepts the other.

Caring for our public spaces is an important way that Zimam can change how Palestinians live together. This initiative, attracting over 200 people, is an exciting step in a bright direction. Clean Sweep was implemented in Partnership with Taghyeer Youth Group.

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