Zimam’s West Bank activists in the Leadership Incubator spent the day in the Jordan Valley with EcoPeace, learning about environmental policy challenges.

Through the Leadership Incubator, Zimam is creating the leaders of tomorrow who will go on to stand for election in their universities, their municipalities and one day their country. One area of knowledge that is increasingly becoming a crucial part of leadership is an awareness of the region’s natural resources and how to protect them.


Educators from EcoPeace introduced our activists to the issues facing the Jordan River, and took them on a tour around a water salination plant which cleans the river’s water so that it can be used for farming and drinking.

Environmental challenges are not limited to one country, and cannot be contained within the borders of States. In this sense, the Jordan River is impacted by the decisions of Palestinian, Israeli and Jordanian politicians, meaning that regional cooperation is essential for its future - but this requires the will from all sides.


Meanwhile, the Leadership Incubator group in Gaza spent the day learning how to plan their own initiatives, from choosing a name to preparing a budget. The activists ended up planning an initiative to welcome the new students arriving at Gaza University at the start of the academic year.

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