Zimam's leading dialogue program is back. First order: elections!

Siaseh (Politics) Cafe returned in February with a bold agenda to discuss Palestinians elections, unity and moving the compass toward the real interests of the Palestinian people.

Zimam activists organized two Siaseh Cafe sessions, one in Gaza and one in Nablus. Both sessions focused on the lack of democracy in our country and the state of the conflict. The activists in Gaza discussed the Warsaw Conference and the talk about the elections, which is to be confined to the West Bank without Gaza. The activists consider any solution without Gaza as a separation between Gaza and the West Bank and the attempts for unity.

“There is general lack of optimism when we bring this subject up. Palestinian youth lack confidence in the leadership to mend whatever is left of our dignity and take serious political action toward unity.” - Mohammad Abu Samra, Zimam activist

In Nablus, the activists discussed Zimam's upcoming campaign to promote general elections in Palestine. The session focused on President Abbas' call for general elections within six months. The activists emphasized the importance of spreading awareness and educating the public on the importance of these elections.

“I was 11 when the last elections occurred. I have the right to vote. I want to appoint someone I can trust with the future of this country. Someone who understands my needs and concerns about freedom of speech and the pursuit of happiness." - Rami, Nablus

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