The Zimam chapter in Birzeit has been building creative campaigns to promote democracy and social responsibility.

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Zimam Youth Program Officer Alaa Salous met with Zimam volunteers in Birzeit University. This visit was part of our maintaining communication with the youth and building Zimam’s chapter on campus. The activists shared plans to be more active on campus through creative campaigns and initiatives, in addition to continuing working to engage more students and recruit activists to join the movement.

Alaa is working with Zimam activists in Birzeit to establish a new chapter in Ramallah and focus on bringing more activists from the city of Jerusalem. Birzeit's chapter will be working also on organizing creative initiatives for the new election campaign in April on campus.

We are genuinely thrilled for Zimam programming on campus in Birzeit. There are many creative minds working to promote Zimam messages and values to the community. It’s a new frontier for Zimam and an exciting new chapter for social activism in Palestine.
— Alaa Salous, Zimam Program Officer

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