Empowering Palestinians for a brighter future

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Bringing together thousands of Palestinians from across the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, Zimam is building a society united through respect, peace and democracy.

A society in which everyone can thrive.


Working for Palestine

Our team has over 15 years of experience working with young people, building confidence, competence, and keeping the dream alive for tomorrow’s Palestine.

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Empowering Youth

Zimam’s Leadership Incubator, following on from our award-winning leadership program, is empowering tomorrow’s change-makers with skills, networks and confidence.

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Building community

Zimam’s activities in town halls, local cafes and on campuses are creating a new space for communities to explore themselves and others.

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Starting New Conversations

Zimam’s Transform campaign is starting a new conversation in Palestine in 2019.

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Today’s young people.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

Young leaders in Palestine need skills, networks and confidence. This is where Zimam’s Leadership Incubator steps in.

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our history

Dedicated to change.

Zimam has been working tirelessly on the ground since 2015. In a short amount of time, we have done so much. From speaking up for our rights to running for them, to planting trees, sparking conversations, leading campaigns, building charters - our young people embody the principle of ‘sumud’ - steadfastness.

And they have no plans to stop now.